Feyh Farm Seed Company
Processors and Producers of Native Grasses & Wildflowers
Grown for Your Farm on Ours
Feyh Farm Seed Company is a family farm in
Kansas producing native grasses, cool season
grasses, millets and wildflowers. We have been in
the wholesale grass seed business for nearly 30
years. Only recently have we offered our products
to the end user. We are the largest smooth brome
processor operating in North America, offering  
over 50 percent of all smooth brome seed

No Job Too Small or Too Large
Feyh Farm Seed Company produces and
processes all major native grasses used in
conservation mixes in Kansas. We also carry a full
line of forbs and others grasses that a customer
may require to complete a custom mix. Whether
you need native grass seed for CRP, EQUIP or
WHIP, allow us to give you a quote on your grass
seeding needs.

Feyh Farm Seed also handles reclamation projects
and temporary and permanent road mixes.

We also offer custom seeding and agronomic
consulting, if needed.
Black-Eyed Susan
Quality and Service
When you are looking for service, experience
and the highest quality product available, call
us! Our roots are on the farm, same as
yours, and we produce 95% of what we sell.

We know what farmers expect in the seed
that they purchase and we are very
competitively priced. Call us or fax us your
seeding sheets to give us an opportunity to
quote a price on your next grass seeding

Richard L. Feyh, Owner
Big Bluestem
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