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Wildflower Mixes

Our BIG 13 Native Forb Mix includes:

Maximilian Sunflower
Illinois Bundle Flower
Partridge Pea
Coneflower, Clasping
Coneflower, Upright
Coneflower, Grayhead
Coneflower, Purple
Coreopsis, Plains
Coreopsis, Lanceleaf
Blanket Flower
Indian Blanket
Black-Eyed Susan
Purple Prairie Clover

Our BIG 10 Native Forb Mix is the same as above,
except it excludes Blanket Flower, Lanceleaf
Coreopsis and Purple Coneflower.
If the kind or variety
of grass you need is
not listed, just ask.

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provided courtesy of Mike Haddock of
Kansas Wildflowers
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